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Dynamics AX 7–Quick Searching Code

This is quite a helpful tip given to me some time back. Most of the time you want to find a particular piece of code from the whole AOT. In AX7 all the code is file based which means searching can be done much faster with some tools. I have used agentransack but there are other tools out there you could use. This is handy finding code examples or references in code.

Dynamics AX 7– (Project) Resource management changes

This was an interesting find under the projects module. Now you can put your hours against a Resource rather than a Worker. A resource can be a machine or facility or a worker. I feel this was lacking in prior versions and is a great addition. In prior version you were able to schedule against a resource but the time booked was always against the worker. What this means is now all the Worker references have changed to Resource .  1. Hours forecast and actuals are against a Resource 2. Project/Worker validaiton and Category/Worker validation . If you look at the details of the resrouces you will see that it is linked to a worker but it can now be linked to Vendor/Machine/Tool/Location/Facitlity. From a code perspective if you are upgrading it is fairly straight to port over your code. You should change from Worker to Resource. From if (! ProjValEmplProjSetup::checkWorkerProj(this.Worker, this.ProjId)) To if (! ProjValEmplProjSetup::checkResourceProj(ResourceFacade: