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Using smart phone for stocktake (inventory count)

I recently received a question on this topic. We could build an app that does just this but often you have to weigh up the option of developing a full solution: Development cost – usually high when it is not your core platform (ie AX) Supporting the product – high for the same reasons. Skill level required is high. Risk – Developers are hard to get that know both AX and the smart phone platform. Which means you may have to train So, I thought why not use an existing solution on the app store to scan barcodes from the phone and export to a file. Then take up the file and create your journal. The requirement was simple and the solution is simpler. Cost is low and support is pushed on to the experts. Some example apps you could use are: iPhone: Android: Disclaimer I am not selling anything. This post is just an idea.

SSRS built in methods [AX 2012]

This post is just as a reminder to the msdn links and for those that are not aware. There are a number of built in methods that can be used on SSRS reports. Such things as formatting numbers, getting current user etc. These can be used in the expression in the design of the report. Here are some examples: =Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.DataMethodUtility.GetFullCompanyNameForUser(Parameters!AX_CompanyName.Value, Parameters!AX_UserContext.Value)   =Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.BuiltInMethods.ToDisplayStringAmount(Parameters!AX_RenderingCulture.Value, Sum(Fields!Balance02.Value), true)