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Import custom dimensions job [AX 2012]

This is a job I had in my kitty. Thought I just blog it before I lose it. It imports custom dimensions. I had to write one up Code: static void naxax_importCustomDimensions( Args _args) { //dialog AsciiIO asciiIO; Filename filename; NoYesId skipFirstLine; Container line; Dialog dialog; DialogField dialogFileName, dialogSkipFirstLine, dialogCountryRegionId; //values DimensionFinancialTag dimensionFinancialTag; DimensionAttribute dimensionAttribute; DimensionAttributeValue dimensionAttributeValue; RefRecId categoryRecid; Name name; DimensionValue dimValue; Description description; dialog = new Dialog ( "Import custom dimension values" ); dialogFileName

Workflow hierarchy assignment common errors explained and tester job [AX 2012]

Workflow hierarchy assignment has a lot of interdependent data that must be set up. If one of those is missing or is incorrect – the processor will just error out. Sometimes with very little information or confusing errors. Below is an example of an error that is not very well written. It doesn’t tell you which record failed. Someone went into the effort of creating the labels correctly but did not use it properly. Here are some common errors you would get while processing the workflow. “The hierarchy provider did not return any users.” – Next Position was not found. “Worker not found for position ID %1.” – No worker is attached to a position. Go to the worker and make sure they have a primary position. If no primary position exists, then the system will find the oldest position (one with the earliest start date). Also make sure the worker is an employee of the company to submit the workflow. “User not found” – User not found for the worker. Check the user relations. “User