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Getting Started with eCommerce development

Microsoft has done a really good job with documenting  eCommerce  development on the  Microsoft docs  site. Here I am just summarising useful links for those wanting to get started with development.  Start by watching some of these videos. Some are repeating content but very useful information in all of them. Accelerate your business with Dynamics 365 Commerce Dynamics 365 Commerce – What’s New Dynamics 365 Commerce: Authoring tools Dynamics 365 Commerce: E-Commerce extensibility Dynamics 365 Commerce: How to Extend Dynamics 365 Commerce How to extend Dynamics 365 Commerce | BRK2366 Dynamics 365 Commerce (Public Preview) | 2019 release wave 2 overview Dynamics 365 Commerce | 2020 release wave  1 overview Next, I suggest getting onto the forums if you need help Dynamics 365 Commerce Forum . There is an insiders yammer channel "Finance and Operations Insider Program". Join the "Retail interest group".  I won't post the link here but this is helpful to connect with

How to Debug Dynamics 365 eCommerce

Our team has been doing some development with the new eCommerce . One of the things we had to figure out was how to debug. To debug client side javascript, you can use Chrome Inspect and dig into the javascript. If you want to debug the server side TypeScript code then you need to do that on a development box. Set your self up, as I assume you already know how to get started with development and you got it to run via yarn start . In VS Code, install  Debugger for Chrome  extension. Call yarn start to run your project Click on Run > Start Debugging If it is the first time debugging, then it will auto generate a launch.json file under .vscode folder. Most of it should be there. Just add the node part of the configuration.  {      // Use IntelliSense to learn about possible attributes.      // Hover to view descriptions of existing attributes.      // For more information, visit:      "version" :  "0.2.0" ,      "c