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My Experience moving FinOps/X++ code to GitHub

I recently saw a question on LinkedIn, asking if we can share our experience with moving to Git version control. Here is a response to it. I will share my experience of moving to GitHub version control. We have chosen to move our X++ code to Git and in particular GitHub about 6 months ago. Reasons for the move Below are some of the reasons we have chosen to move from TFVC on Azure DevOps to Git on GitHub: Every single source code/project we have is on Git except for our X++ code. I have been asked way too many times as to why we are on TFVC. I have explained many times but I can't help shake the feeling that others think X++ is some old language. In other words, better alignment. There has been considerable effort to move to GitHub as our approved version control from many other version control systems. This is to make our code more accessible to all teams, have policies in place, leve