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DAXeam at Convergence 2012 [AX 2012]

DAXeam was well represented at Convergence 2012 in Texas.   Check out the DAXeam page

Online help - Table of content not working [AX 2012]

If you created your own online help and created your own table of content. In certain cases where you have bullet points in your document, this is considered as special characters. This may corrupt the metatag in the htm file. See screenshot below the description metatag takes the first 300 characters to be indexed (to be displayed as result text when you search on it). This particular example ended with &#46 . You should delete that last part it should end without any special characters. Last note. There is an msdn article for troubleshooting online help.

How to create online help (for non-technical) [AX 2012]

This describes how to create custom Help documentation and how to publish that documentation to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Help server. The Help documentation you create has to work with both the Help server and viewer. The Help server is a centralized Web service that responds to requests for Help documentation. In addition, you put your custom Help documentation files on the Help server. The Help viewer is an application that is deployed with the Microsoft Dynamics AX client. The Help viewer displays documentation when you request Help from the application workspace. Walk through on publishing help files is here: Here is my short walk through: To add folders to the Help server Use Windows Explorer and open the Content folder of the Help server. The folder is typically found in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\DynamicsAX6HelpServer\Content but can be changed during install. Right-click the Content folder, click New, and then click Folder

Cumulative update 2 vs. Feature pack [AX 2012]

It was a little confusing at first what the Feature pack contained. This was release recently on in 1st February 2012. This release is targeted at the five key industries: Manufacturing, Distribution, Services Industries, Public Sector, and Retail. This release also incorporates Microsoft Dynamics ERP RapidStart Services. One major thing you will notice when you install the Feature pack it is the same build as Cumulative update 2 . Below are two screenshots. The first is Cumulative update 2 and the second is the Feature pack. Notice a few things here: Build is the same. 6.0.947.280 Feature pack I installed the Extensions model (Build 6.0.1108.0). This installs into the FPK layer and is meant to put you in a good position to install the industry specific models (which I have not installed on this scenario). In this blog entry I haven’t gone into the installation disk. In brief the install disk for the Feature Pack is the latest and it comes bundled with all these in there.

Form best practice [AX 2012]

Make use of form best practice when you are created/updating forms in AX 2012. It isn't 100% bullet proof solution but it does get rid of your most common form problems. Also keep in mind that Microsoft doesnt deliver all their forms conforming to the Form best practice. Some form are just different. Right click on the form. Add-Ins > Check form style best practices The form will open up. The style you set in the form design property will be defaulted and analysed. Some basic violations can be fixed right from this form. For example, the New button label must be @SYS000001 (not the right label id but you get the idea) then you click the Fix violation button. This will update the form and fix it for you. Notice below CustTable form, it doesn't 100% conform to this but it is not intended to be 100%. It is there to make sure you follow the form styles and the look&feel of the system is uniform. Reference:

Check invalid field selection [AX 2012]

I would highly recommend this parameter be turned on all development environments. It will help you catch invalid field access through code before they reach testing or production.

Security development tool [AX 2012]

There is a new tool released. The Security Development Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is intended to help you more easily create and maintain security artefacts such as roles, duties, and privileges. The tool displays entry point permissions for a given role, duty, or privilege. Additional tools guide you through updates of the access levels for entry points. You can also use the tool to test a newly created or modified security role, duty, or privilege from the same interface, without using a different test user account. Additionally, you can use the tool to record business process flows and identify the entry points that are used. How to install and how to use instructions are on technet Download with the icon on the left and watch a 6 minute video on the right. Key features: Grant access via an entry point (easy as right click and grant access by adding to a duty) Create a new privilege from the