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Find information about data entities in your system

Just bringing attention to this docs page. I only saw it today and it has some nice scripts that you can run to generate information. Go to the  github  project it references and run the scripts. Script Outputs AggregateDataEntitiesReport.ps1 AggregateDataEntities.csv AggregateMeasuresReport.ps1 AggregateMeasures.csv DataEntityFieldReport.ps1 DataEntityFields.csv DataEntityReport.ps1 DataEntities.csv KPIReport.ps1 KPIs.csv LicenseCode-ConfigKeyReport.ps1 LicenseCodes.csv ConfigKeys.csv ConfigKeyGroups.csv MenuItems.csv SSRSReport.ps1 SSRSReports.csv TablesReport.ps1 Tables.csv This report takes awhile to run, but it produces output as it runs. WorkflowTypesReport.ps1 WorkflowTypes.csv The scripts use C:/, you will have to change to K:/ or where ever your application is sitting in. I just did a text replace "C:/" with "K:/". It will export your files under the users