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Tip of the day: Set up one environment at a time on LCS

When setting up new environments on LCS, always try to set up one at a time. This is so that you have a bit more control over your environments. Here below I have set up a Developer and a Build VM in one shot. You will notice the controls to start and stop the images are for both VMs.

Hide dimension attribute using XDS [AX 2012]

This was something I had a look at recently. I had to hide certain dimension for specific security roles. I won’t go into the details of why as that is another longer conversation. This can be achieved using XDS (security policy). One thing you have to keep in mind is if a dimension is defaulted it will contain a value. I set up a vendor with a default dimension as per screenshot. On the form it showed the 3 dimensions but in the database it was actually defaulting as above full 5 dimensions. This is because it is defaulting the RecId reference to the dimension value combination.