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Troubleshooting web service authentication Dynamics 365 for Operations

In this post I just wanted to highlight the event viewer logs on a developer box. Make good use of it – not just for web services but for most errors. Below is a recently problem I was troubleshooting. I was working on the Microsoft github integration project to do a proof of concept using odata. I had problems with the authentication. I was able to retrieve the token from Azure AD however the odata authentication piece failed with D365O. I got this error “Microsoft.OData.Client.DataServiceClientException: Unauthorized”  In debug I got down to this “Unknown user type” error. So, after looking at the event viewer. Expand Applications and Service Logs > Microsoft > Dynamics > AX-IntegrationCommon > Operational From the error I found that the tenant which is blurred was different. I had 2 Azure subscription. All I had to do what runt he Admin Provisioning tool against the tenant I wanted to do the integration with. Then all worked fine. Another way I could have d