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Duplicate a company in AX 2012

I have heard from a few people struggling to duplicate a company in AX 2012. So, I decided to try it out my self. The recommended approach is to use dat/def export and import. There is a good article on technet. Import duplicate company data to use for testing [AX 2012] I  have had 1 failed and 1 successful duplicate attempt. I will explain the steps that worked for me. 1. Create your new Legal entity 2. Set up the Ledger form which is a shared table. I selected the same account structures as the company I was copying from. 3. Create a definition group to export the data from main source company. If I didnt want master data such as customers, vendors etc. I would untick Main group. Included shared tables in my export. Now export your dat/def. 4. Now I imported without shared tables. 5. The result is good. Chart of accounts and posting profiles all work fine. Vendors, customers imported fine (note: the vendor uses the same partyId as the source company).   Summary Thi

Refresh caller form [AX 2012]

There are a few ways to refresh a caller form. You may notice in AX2012 sometimes calling research(true) causes the record to jump to the starting position. The right way is to reread the references data sources before calling the research(true). Below is some sample code I use. Code: /// <summary> /// Refresh the caller form by calling the research(true) which does not work. /// research(True) alone will jump the cursor to the begining (either first or last) record. /// </summary> /// <remarks> /// Taken from form InventTableInventoryDimensionGroups.closeOk() /// </remarks> public void refreshCaller() { Common common; FormDataSource callingFormDataSource; common = element.args().record(); if (common) { callingFormDataSource = common.dataSource(); if (callingFormDataSource) { // Referenced datasources must be reread before calling research as data has been modified beh

Purchase requisition buying legal entity defaults from? [AX 2012]

When you have multi-company environment. A worker may be associated to multiple companies. You might wonder where the Buying legal entity is defaulted from. It takes the earliest employment start date for the worker. In the example above Ben Martens is associated to CERW starting on 01/01/2013. He is associated to CEE starting on 02/01/2013. Resulting on CERW being the default company.

How to run AX 2012 R2 image on Virtualbox

I have received a few questions regarding the new demo image for AX 2012 R2. How to run it using virtualbox. Demo image can be downloaded from here I had a post way back which was a step by step guide. This is still valid up to step 7. Then setting up the network is different. On the second adapter set up an Internal Network. The summary should look like this. (Even though below I categorised it as Win2008 by mistake – the image is Win2012. This is just a category and should not matter). Important parts are highlighted. One problem I had after unzipping the image, the file somehow was locked. I had to disconnect my drive and connect it back up. Then attached it. Now you can start your machine. Once the machine starts, you need to configure the network settings. There is a document available on th