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Referencing a form control [AX7]

I am seeing this a lot more these days because of extensions in AX7. You tend to take the form run in the event and try to get a form control. A lot of developers seem to be hard coding the control name. Not wrong but not the best way to do it. A form control name could change or be deleted. Then you wont catch this until a user runs it. Not so good way:“MyControlName”) formRun. design().controlName(identifierStr(MyControlName)); The right way: formRun. design().controlName(formControlStr(MyFormName, MyControlName)); This way you get your errors during compile time.

Install an application x++ hotfix [AX7]

Microsoft has document this well on the wiki but can be confusing for first time. Also, things are improving and sometimes hard to keep up. This is what you see on LCS when updates are available. This wiki page walks you through the steps for applying a Microsoft Dynamics AX deployable package on a Dynamics AX system. This package can be either a binary hotfix for Application Object Server (AOS) or a deployable package that was created in your development environment. Apply a deployable package on a Dynamics AX system The most misunderstood part is the application x++ updates. What you are downloading from LCS is the x++ code. You are not downloading a deployable packages. A deployable package is a compile output that you can use to install to your none development machines. Below link guides you how to install it. Install a metadata hotfix

Change password of web config file [AX 7]

It is good practice to change the Administrator password. You might want to be extra secure and also change the other accounts (service accounts). You will notice that the web config file is encrypted when it comes to passwords. You can use the following commands to encrypt/decrypt the file.   To decrypt run this command: C:\AOSService\webroot\bin\Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.ConfigEncryptor.exe -decrypt C:\AOSService\webroot\web.config To encrypt run this command: C:\AOSService\webroot\bin\Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.ConfigEncryptor.exe -encrypt C:\AOSService\webroot\web.config   If you make changes you may need to reboot the machine. Restarting IIS didnt work for me when I changed the passwords.

Schedule Azure machines on and off

I friend of mine recommended this cool tool for scheduling machines on Azure. This is really good for saving Azure credit. You can schedule to turn on a machine before you start work and turn it off after work. Make sure it turns off over the week, incase you have forgotten. Here is how simple it is. Connect up and select your machine. Then schedule.   Plus they have a FREE plan.

Payment advice in AX7

Payment advice has now been added to the Print management setup now. This is a nice addition. New button under the payment journal lines form. Payment advice button is only enabled if the Payment status is sent. Dialog populates with the Vendor and Bank but you can clear it out to run for all lines. Payment advice report on screen.

AX calling Microsoft Flow

This is a continuation from the previous post . In the previous post, I wrote about using Azure Logic (big brother of Flow). This is just to let you know that Microsoft Flow has released the Request feature. So the same can be done via Flow. September update is a big one