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Copy Company and Number Sequence Issue

When it comes to setting up multiple companies, stream lining the process can save you time and effort. One effective strategy is to establish a template company or select a source company to replicate from.  In this blog post, I won't go through how to use the copy company feature as there are many blogs out there and Microsoft has some good documentation. What I will explain is an issue I faced when using it. I found that the copy number sequence isn't working as expected. It throws an error when used as part of the copy company. Number sequence feature: There are two check boxes for number sequence copy: Copy number sequence - this will add number sequence entities and when run, it will change company references in the staging table before processing to target. Reset to smallest value - this resets the number sequence if it is used back to its smallest value. In most cases b
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Dynamics 365 Invoice Capture Feature

Microsoft recently released the new Invoice Capture for Dynamics 365 Finance. I ran through installing and configuring it.  From that experience, below is my brain dump and hopefully it can help with things that are not so obvious. Three type of invoice captures There are three invoice type paths that can be captured. These drive the screen layout and what kind of information is mandatory. PO invoice Header-only Cost invoice When an invoice comes in, you can select one of the three invoice types. Below are the three screen layouts and differences. PO invoice – Invoices of this type are associated with purchase orders. The purchase order details must be determined on each invoice line. Both the header and the lines must be reviewed in Invoice capture. This will create a pending vendor invoice. Header-only – Invoices of this type are associated with purchase orders. The purchase order field on the invoice header is a mandatory field. If the Automatically create invoice lines feature is

Asset Management Mobile App

  Microsoft recently released a preview mobile app for Asset Management . The App gives 2 personas that you can use it for: Maintenance worker - You need to be assigned to the security role "Maintenance worker" . It will allow you to give feedback on a work order such updating actual hours, items, checklists and attachments. Maintenance requester - You just need a teams license and can assign "Maintenance requester" security role . This will allow you to create a request. Installation To install, go to AppSource to find the app  Dynamics 365 Asset Management Mobile Application Read the Onboarding doc page  as there are prerequisites. Such as installing the  Finance and Operations Virtual Entity solution. The install is prett

My Experience moving FinOps/X++ code to GitHub

I recently saw a question on LinkedIn, asking if we can share our experience with moving to Git version control. Here is a response to it. I will share my experience of moving to GitHub version control. We have chosen to move our X++ code to Git and in particular GitHub about 6 months ago. Reasons for the move Below are some of the reasons we have chosen to move from TFVC on Azure DevOps to Git on GitHub: Every single source code/project we have is on Git except for our X++ code. I have been asked way too many times as to why we are on TFVC. I have explained many times but I can't help shake the feeling that others think X++ is some old language. In other words, better alignment. There has been considerable effort to move to GitHub as our approved version control from many other version control systems. This is to make our code more accessible to all teams, have policies in place, leve

Tips for getting detailed error message from Dual Write

In some cases Dual Write gives you some cryptic error messages. Here are a couple of tips to get or find the errors. Tip 1. If you get an error while mapping or trying to set up a new map. You can get a bit more info from using browser developer tools. In Chrome, just right click and select Inspect. Click on Network and start recording (trace). Hopefully you get a bit more detail with the error. Tip 2 If you are getting an integration error. There is a table that stores all the errors. For more troubleshooting tips from Microsoft. Check out their docs page.

Creating SQL index via LCS

LCS has some really great tools for checking performance. Its really a matter of trying to get used to them and knowing whats available. Under the Environment monitoring > SQL insights > Performance metrics. You can find some slow queries and how they are affecting the environment over time. I found that SalesLine table was missing an index for Revenue recognition. Warning: Do this at your own risk. You could break the system if you haven't tested this properly. I raised a support ticket but was asked to create a non-unique index on the table via LCS. Go to Environment monitoring > SQL Insights > Actions Select "Create non-unique index on a table". Turn of the "Allow page locks". Talking about that risk. I got an error after I did the above with batch jobs. I had to restart the batch service in LCS to fix the problem. This is the error I got with batch job to post the sales invoices.  Refer to Microsoft Docs page on this. Typically you want to do th

Find information about data entities in your system

Just bringing attention to this docs page. I only saw it today and it has some nice scripts that you can run to generate information. Go to the  github  project it references and run the scripts. Script Outputs AggregateDataEntitiesReport.ps1 AggregateDataEntities.csv AggregateMeasuresReport.ps1 AggregateMeasures.csv DataEntityFieldReport.ps1 DataEntityFields.csv DataEntityReport.ps1 DataEntities.csv KPIReport.ps1 KPIs.csv LicenseCode-ConfigKeyReport.ps1 LicenseCodes.csv ConfigKeys.csv ConfigKeyGroups.csv MenuItems.csv SSRSReport.ps1 SSRSReports.csv TablesReport.ps1 Tables.csv This report takes awhile to run, but it produces output as it runs. WorkflowTypesReport.ps1 WorkflowTypes.csv The scripts use C:/, you will have to change to K:/ or where ever your application is sitting in. I just did a text replace "C:/" with "K:/". It will export your files under the users