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Workflow error: "User 123 has no access to menu item PurchReqTable"

I recently was helping a client set their security and I found a weird one. The workflow would stop with an error "User 123 has no access to menu item PurchReqTable". This even though they already had access to all the workflow menu items and the purchase requisition form. The key that is required is the Miscellaneous key.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 on iPhone

I am passionate about this topic as I have been working on it for a while with the team in my company. We have developed an iPhone solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX which allows users to do the following: Workflow approval - View and action workflow. eg. Approve/Reject  Alerts - Receive/view notifications  Entities - Browse records in AX - this is extendable to allow you view any record in AX. We have basic records like Customers, Items etc by default but this is extendable Here are some screenshots: Main Menu on the iPhone Alerts on the iPhone On the iPad Finally, here is a video I have uploaded to youtube. Instead of showing you an emulator or just screenshots. This video is straight of my iPhone. Its not the best video quality but hope it gives you the concept of this mobile solution. Here is a link to my companies website:

Online (Bing) translator for AX using a shortcut key

Keeping in theme with the last post, I will talk about another simple use for web services in AX. I will use Microsoft (Bing) Translator to automatically translate fields with just a shortcut key (in this example I will take over the Ctrl+Z shortcut). In \Classes\SysSetupFormRun add a new method. Copy and paste below. Make sure to replace the API ID with your own. Sign up to Microsoft API . Public static server void translate(str _text = "") { //ar,bg,zh-CHS,zh-CHT,cs,da,nl,en,et,fi,fr,de,el,ht,he,hu,id,it,ja,ko,lv,lt,no,pl,pt,ro,ru,sk,sl,es,sv,th,tr,uk,vi //Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French //German Greek Haitian Creole Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian //Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese str uri; str appId = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"; //Replace with your A

Update exchange rate using Yahoo Web Service

In this example I am using Yahoo's online currency converter to update the exchange rates table. An idea would be to put this code in a batch class, which you can schedule to run daily. static void YahooCurrencyUpdate(Args _args) { Currency currency; ExchRates exchRates; str uri; str exchRate = ""; str fromCurrency, toCurrency; System.Net.HttpWebRequest httpRequest = null; System.Net.HttpWebResponse httpResponse = null; CLRObject clro = null; System.IO.Stream stream = null; System.IO.StreamReader streamReader = null; ; while select currency { fromCurrency = CompanyInfo::find().CurrencyCode; toCurrency = currency.CurrencyCode; uri = "" + fromCurrency + toCur

How to run AX2012 HyperV on Virtualbox (Hardware Virtualization)

In my last post " How to run AX2012 HyperV on Virtualbox (Step by step guide) " I wrote how you can run a HyperV image using Virtualbox. If these steps don't work for you, there are a few things to check: 1. Mount the vhd disks using IDE controllers. Not SATA, which is the VirtualBox default if you use the wizard. Follow instruction below exactly– don’t make the mistake of clicking next -> next. Wizard will set it up as SATA controllers. 2. Hardware virtualization must be turned on your PC/Laptop. This is a BIOS setting. Have a look at this link as it may assist. You may want to run  Microsoft® Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool  to check if it is enabled. You should get a message like this: 3. Lastly, Hardware virtualization may not work if you computer has gone into hibernation or sleep mode. You have to reboot your machine.