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Data Import/Export Framework for Integration

Data Import/Export Framework (DIXF) is more than just initial data load tool. We have seen in the recent R3 release that Microsoft has extended the capability to include Master Data Management (MDM). Now I will talk about a common request. Request: CSV file is generated every day and saved to a directory. We need to process these files by importing them into AX. If it is successful move it to the Success folder, if it fails move it to the failed folder. Old solution without DIXF: Create a class that is batchable that reads from the folder and do all the coding for moving the file around etc. New solution with DIXF: Create a new DIXF entity to process the file. Make sure the Source and Staging fields line up.   In your staging to target – do all the work in the Generate method.   Then when you process the entity you can configure it to run on a directory. Lastly, schedule the staging clean up job. This ensures the staging tables are cleared up and it doesn't grow too

LCS has new Virtual Machines

If you subscribe to the LCS blog you would have notices their recent release notes. One thing that caught my attention was the release of the 5 new vm deployments which are primarily around retail.