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Detailed guide on creating Business Events with Azure Service Bus

I have been working with the new Business Events feature released in FinOps and you should read the docs site first. This blog post focuses primarily on setting up Azure Service Bus endpoint. Setting up the Azure services can be tricky if you are not familiar with Azure Key Vault and application registrations. I have sequenced the post so that you don't have to jump around. There are four key elements to this: Create the app registration Create the service bus Create the key vault secret Configure FinOps Create an App Registration In the Azure Portal, navigate to the Azure Active Directory menu. Click on App registrations (there is the old one and the preview menu - they are the same but the UI is a bit different). I will show the original App registrations way. Create a new Web app/API registration and give it a name. It doesn’t really matter in our case what the sign-on url is. Take note of the Application ID as you will need it later for setting up the

Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) via command line

The recent RSAT tool now supports running via command line. Just call the ConsoleApp executable with the right commands. This is great for automation scenarios. Normally, you would have all your test plans prepared and you just want to execute it them on a regular basis. Below is a quick summary of what it covers. To get the list of commands just enter ? at the end. C:\Program Files (x86)\Regression Suite Automation Tool\ Microsoft.Dynamics.RegressionSuite.ConsoleApp.exe ? To get the list of IDs just run this. C:\Program Files (x86)\Regression Suite Automation Tool\ Microsoft.Dynamics.RegressionSuite.ConsoleApp.exe list To run a list of test cases just use the playbackbyid command. C:\Program Files (x86)\Regression Suite Automation Tool\ Microsoft.Dynamics.RegressionSuite.ConsoleApp.exe playbackbyid 104 105 106

Embed PowerApps in Modern POS

There was a feature released around 8.1.3 to open URL in POS. Follow the guide to add a button to POS via the Screen Layouts. In the Action, select Open URL. Enter the PowerApps url. In this case I want it to open up as embedded rather than popping up with a new window. Run your distribution job to have it show up on POS. Below is an example I am working on. We have an external system managing licensing. Just note, that it will pop up with a Microsoft login screen. You can tick the login to remember you. If the screen doesn’t fit in the POS window. You can click on “Fit to screen” on the top right. Hope this gives you ideas to take advantage of in Retail space. Possibilities are endless.