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Embed Google maps in a form

I had to prove a concept the other day to embed google maps in a form. A big of googling and some ideas that had to mash up. Create a form with an ActiveX control “Microsoft Web Browser”. On the init method after super call. Add this line. ctrlactiveX.Navigate(' St Georges Terrace, PERTH WA 6000+(This is a random place)&output=embed' ); Final result looks like this. Reference: Thanks to this blog. Minor change I had to make was to figure out the URL parameters. By passing the output=embed, you get a pretty good result.

Data Import/Export Framework–Move data from AX to another AX environment

This below is a step by step to export data from an AX environment to another environment using the Data Import/Export Framework. Export from Source AX environment 1. Open the Source data formats form. Create a record and select AX type. 2. Open the Processing group form and create a new record. 3. Click on Entities button. Select your entities you want to export (Example below has Customers). 4. (Optional) You can click on the Select button to put a filter. 5. Go back the Processing group form and click the Get staging data button. This will bring up the following execution form. Click the Run. This will then pull data and place it in staging table. It will enable the buttons on the Processing group form. 6. On the Processing group form, click the Export to AX button. This will bring up a dialog, enter the file name and type. This will generate a dat and def file. Import into Destination AX environment (Option 1) We will import the file using dat/def. Other options t