Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Regression Suite Automation Tool - Create unique values

The RSAT doesn't have any roll back feature. So, it can be frustrating updating the excel file with
unique records.

Well not to worry - RSAT supports Excel formulas. The user guide suggests using RandBetween(a,b) Excel function.
However, that isn't really reliable and you are hoping you don't get the same random number.

I have been using date formula. The below concatenates the datetime to the string.

If you want to get started with RSAT.
Download the tool and the user guide from here.

You can also watch a short video that walks you through how to use it.


Alicja Filipowicz said...
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Sanjay Chandrasekar said...

Great Post!
Is reverting data in RSAT tool is not possible ? Regards, Sanjay.C

Munib Ahmed said...

Not possible to roll back data on RSAT.
I wish there was.

shivani said...

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Arvind Dubey said...

Hi Munib,

We have started using RSAT tool recently. Just needed one help.

We want to add the two variables the excel file generated

for ex: After creating a bank account, we want to generate a statement which has below details

opening balance:3000, Net Amount:1000
Ending Balance: 3000+1000,
We are unable to capture the ending balance.

We went through the release notes published recently and changed the config file and tried but failed. Please let me know, the way we can achieve this.


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